Sam Brownies: Who is Sam Brown?

Who is Sam Brown?

Well, Sam Brown is a cherished family nickname. In the early 1920s in Atlantic City, NJ, my grandfather, Samuel Mastrangelo Sr., had a big band orchestra and became Sheriff. To get his name to fit on a sign and be memorable, he started calling himself Sam Brown. He was very well known and as a kid, I always remember being at the local diner or walking down the street with him and someone was sure to yell out, “Hey Sam Brown!”

Sam Brown Inc. President and Founder, Laura Liotta
with her grandfather, Samuel Mastrangelo Sr. in 1979

Of course, my father Samuel Mastrangelo Jr. inherited the nickname. Throughout high school, during the war, around town and over the course of his long career as a mathematics teacher, everyone called my dad Sam Brown. My father was the single greatest influence in my life. I adored him. My personal drive, ambition and success developed from the confidence he gave me to always be a leader, believe in myself and take a risk. He was able to see our early success and was very proud.

As you can see from this picture, the name Sam Brown Inc. was always meant to be. I wanted to name my agency in their honor, and it has served us very well for 25 years (wow that flew!). Sam Brown Inc. is very well known in healthcare communications for having an incredible team and working with leading biopharmaceutical companies to achieve their business goals … and become more well-known too.

Photo of Laura Liotta, Founder president and CEO of Sam Brown

I am proud to be Sam Brown.

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Laura (Mastrangelo) Liotta