Together We Succeed.


Uniquely Collaborative. Relationships Matter.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 


Sam Brown Inc. is a full-service, independent healthcare communications agency. For nearly 20 years, Sam Brown Inc. has successfully provided PR services to a wide range of biotechnology, device and pharmaceutical companies in all phases of development and commercialization.

As we have propelled our clients forward, we have come far together as an agency as well. Whether it’s within our own teams or with our clients, we know working together in collaboration offers the most rewarding outcomes. 

Our clients stick with us too. Through our steadfast dedication to client satisfaction and service, Sam Brown has one of the highest client retention rates in the agency business. Many of our clients refer us to friends or take us with them when they move — which is a wonderful compliment.


And, our teams are really happy too. Many of us have worked together for more years at Sam Brown than all of our other jobs combined. We do not have much turnover— signaling satisfied, challenged, high quality, happy teams. What does this mean for you? Simply put, the high quality and experienced team we promise you is who you’ll get on your account. No false promises. No bait and switch to win your business. Just a senior team of professionals who are all in for your success.


The unique Sam Brown network model encourages experts from all areas of communications to collaborate for success. We have the right experience and just what you need — expert thinking, compelling creative and flawless implementation.


Together, we go far.

We Get Healthcare.

We       Innovation.

We “get” healthcare — all players in all sectors. We custom tailor your team and strategies to fit your needs and achieve your specific goals.

And we love innovation. We are so lucky to work on some of the most innovative and exciting research and clinical programs in oncology, virology, anti-infectives, dermatology, anti-inflammatory, pediatric and rare diseases, to name a few. Our clients are at the forefront of science and medicine, and we love to help them achieve their objectives.

Demand More. We Do.

A Unique Agency for Changing Needs.

You are under pressure to deliver more value, meet higher standards. Shouldn’t you demand the same from your agency?

At Sam Brown Inc., we work every day to stay ahead of the curve. We are continually adapting to the dynamic needs and challenges of our clients, bringing to the table the bright ideas and on-point solutions that build brands. We feel personally responsible for your success. 

And, we are obsessive about service. In short, we demand excellence from ourselves in everything we do. That’s how we’ve become a leading independent, full-service healthcare communications agency and why some of the most respected companies in healthcare have been our clients for many years.

Sam Brown has a unique business model. Based on your needs, we build customized, dedicated account teams from our nationwide network of senior healthcare communicators. Get to know us and see how we are unique.

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