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Our Work


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A2 Bio

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A2 Bio

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Logo & Branding

A2 Brand Guide Mockup 2022AUG10 V01 D.jpg

Interim Brand Guide

Website | Custom Animation | Social Media


Corporate Presentation


BIOHAVEN Slide Montage 2022JUN08 V01 D.jpg

Earnings Presentation

BIOHAVEN Corporate Media 2022AUG12 V01 D.jpg

Biohaven is very good at selling migraine drugs

Biohaven set to

be 'a major

migraine player'

Biohaven Stock Hits

Record High As

Migraine Drug


Media Coverage

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BIOHAVEN Brand Amplification 2022AUG12 V01 D.jpg

Media Coverage

Video Series

GMA Appearance

Sam Brown Inc. is a full-service, independent healthcare communications agency. For more than 23 years, Sam Brown Inc. has successfully provided PR services to a wide range of biopharmaceutical companies in all phases of development and commercialization. 

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